Norwegian Red King Crab Exporter
About us
  • Red King Crab is our specialty.

  • We collaborate with international Red King Crab scientists to learn more about the biology or life processes of the crabs.

  • We have a few own Red King Crab factories with live storage and production along the northern coast of Norway.

  • Our company is the only company in Norway with permission to run the Red King Crab Farming in Norway.

  • We work 24/7 directly from the factory to the final customers, with no agents. That's why we can provide: the best quality, best logistic solutions, best service, and low mortality rate.

  • We have export capacities for about 350 tons of Live Red King Crab annually and 100 tons of frozen clusters.

  • We deliver Red King Crab to the USA, Canada, Dubai, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Europe, and Norway.

Why us...
We have a wide range of sizes
0.8-1.6 kg
1.6-2.2 kg
2.2-3.2 kg
3.2-4.0 kg
4.0+ kg
Hurt 1.3+kg
Hurt 1.6+ with only one damaged leg
We are cooperating with the National Seafood College Department, and the best-qualified production managers in the Crab industry of Norway.
Combining knowledge and research helps us learn more about crabs and offer the best products.
We provide nearly 350 tons of Live Red King Crab and 100 tons of frozen products annually.
Export areas
We have all the necessary certifications for export to different countries and are ready to export our product to you.
Our products
Live Red King Crab Male
Live Reg King Crab Female
Frozen cooked Clusters ( from S-to-6L size, single legs)
Frozen raw Clusters ( from S-to-6L size, single legs)

Excellent results
Law mortality rate the whole year.
Proven logistics solutions.
Temperature tracking the whole way from the factory to the customer.

Our products:
We provide the best quality Red King Crab with minimum mortality rate during transportation.
  • Live Red King Male Crab
    Different sizes according to order
  • Live Red King Female Crab
    Female Crabs, average sizes 0.8-3.0 kg
  • Frozen Cooked/Raw King Crab Clusters
    We produce frozen clusters for each order and customer, so you will always get the freshest product, giving you advantages to prolonging further distribution chain
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and we provide you with all the necessary information about our company and our products
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Mariia Shilova

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